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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

With over 20 years of experience in maximizing our clients' networks, our team understands exactly what you need for your particular industry. Find just a few of the industries we serve listed below!

Health Care

Every second can make a difference, which means that your systems and processes are required to perform at a moment's notice. Keeping your patients safe and your staff up to date makes a significant impact on your staff's ability to make the best decisions about treatment.

Stay HIPAA compliant, follow industry and government regulations, transfer information securely, bill accurately, and increase efficiency.


Some of our clients include hospitals, clinics, labs, nursing and residential care facilities, ambulatory health care services, medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, manufacturers of medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies, medical insurance, medical services, managed care, and pharmaceutical companies.


There are countless tools and software available to keep your law firm running at maximum capacity. We bridge the gap between your network any productivity, file management, documentation automation and assembly, billing, accounting, case management, CRM, communication software, and tools.

Some of our clients include admiralty, bankruptcy, corporate, civil rights, criminal, entertainment, family, health, immigration, intellectual property, international, labor, military, personal injury, real estate, and tax law firms, as well as courthouses and legal service companies.


With a secure and proper network infrastructure in place with Bhatti Technology Solutions, our team is ready to help your business continue to evolve and run at its highest efficiency.  Gain visibility across your global supply chain, support manufacturing strategies, meet ever-changing compliance, secure your data, streamline operations, and keep your business profitability up with a healthy network and a technical team that supports all your business needs.

Some of our clients include metal fabricators, automobile and aircraft manufacturers, textile processors, electronic and computer manufacturing, and paper production plants.


At Bhatti Technology Solutions, we specialize in supporting both private and public educational institutions, from colleges, to charter schools and local school district campuses. We understand you need to protect your students and their private data while balancing the needs of your staff to access information for lesson planning and other daily activities.

We can design a support matrix that maximizes your budget while respecting the needs of each community. We manage it all including Chromebooks, tablets, servers, and networking.

We improve your team’s efficiency and give you the advice you need in these challenging times where technology is rapidly changing.


  • Protect student/staff private data

  • Advance learning with video conferencing, electronic blackboards, and VoIP

  • Defend your network perimeter and prohibit inappropriate web browsing with strong heuristic DNS filtering

  • Empower your staff with 24/7 help desk support

Transportation & Logistics

The logistics industry has complicated processes, procedures and systems in place.  technology plays a vital supporting role in getting it all efficient.  Tech initiatives cannot miss a beat.

BTS has helped clients in the transport, logistics, and shipping arena (local, domestic, and international).  


Bhatti Technology Solutions is the trusted IT partner for CPA and financial firms in the DFW area. We know there is no room for downtime when you have deadlines to meet, especially during tax season. That is why we offer 24/7 instant support to keep your business running. 

We also help secure your business by implementing security best practices that are current with federal and state regulations.

Your CPA firm has unique requirements when it comes to technology, and you need an IT Partner who understands those needs.  You need an IT support company that is sensitive to your deadlines and also understands your business and software.
BTS is that company.

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