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The One Thing Hackers Hope You Never Discover












Imagine not being able to send or receive e-mail for days, possibly weeks. Don’t think this could happen because you have a reputable anti-virus software installed? If so, you’re operating on a false sense of security and hackers are praying that you keep thinking that way. Here’s why:

         Most business owners think that because they have anti-virus software installed and a software firewall, that their network is “secure.” Not so. One of the most common stunts hackers pull is breaking through a software firewall to hijack a server. Once they’re in, they use YOUR server to relay spam and other viruses to millions of users in a matter of seconds.

This is double bad for two reasons:

1. In no time flat, your company’s server and email gets “blacklisted”, which means the big email delivery hubs (like Comcast, Google, Verizon, etc.) flag ALL e-mails coming from your server as “dangerous” and won’t let them through; and on the net, you’re guilty until proven innocent, which means it could take days or weeks to get your name cleared. During that time, you are completely without e-mail.

2. Your clients, prospects and vendors start getting Viagra ads and invitations to XXX-rated web sites from your company. Not good.

The absolute best way to make sure this never happens is to invest in a top-grade managed firewall. This tiny investment is worth twenty times the cost in peace of mind and saved time. Software firewalls that come with most servers or Internet providers are better than nothing, but they’re a weak lock that any hacker can easily pick.


After all, isn’t your network’s security

and your peace of mind worth a firewall investment?

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