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Why Choose BTS

what makes us different
(the BTS "4 S" approach to stability)

01. Stable Support, 24/7

BTS partners with your organization to secure your revenue and keep your business running.  No worries on keeping IT stable and running.  We are 100% US based in our support people and services.  We are available to you 24/7.

02. Stable Cost

Our costs are predictable and steady.  Never be surprised by an unexpected bill.  Your IT is protected with excellent service and timely solutions.  All labor costs can be  covered under a simple flat-rate monthly plan without contracts.

03. Stable Solutions

We integrate and build innovative yet effective technology solutions to help your business run smoothly.  IT staff or not we can help you build efficiencies and offer you support both on-site and remote.

04. Stable Operations

Our approach to IT takes the preventive slant.  Our tech professionals provide the support you need to keep your network up and running so your staff stays productive.  BTS solves tech problems before they affect your business.

Stable | Stable | Stable | Stable

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